Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New SF Bay Area- Atomic Force Microscope Imaging Service Lab

Announcing a new independent San Francisco Bay area - Atomic Force Microscope Imaging Service - with optional mobile onsite imaging.

We are just getting started, but have over 20 years experience in scanning probe microscopy, including 6 years working at Digital Instruments.

Notably we participated in among the earliest application of STM Scanning Tunneling Microscopy back in 1986 to an industrial microfabrication problem - studying optimization of sol gel thermal curing process conditions, to attempting to reduce porosity of the deposited film.

Our imaging tools include 2 fully equipped Digital Instruments Nanoscopes, phase extender capable, small sample Nanoscope tools.

We gladly will help implement custom scanning nanoprobe experiments insitu, fluid imaging, electrical measurements and more.

We provide the unique service of mobile onsite imaging, bringing our instrument to your facility for a minimum of 1 day service ( we will validate your site for acceptable low vibration )

Introductory rates are $575 / day ( less than 3 hours cost compared to other commercial labs for our full day imaging ), a fraction of the rates charged by several commercial labs, plus the cost of cantilever probes used in the course of imaging work.

contact us by email >    - local to Northern California area.

We'd be glad to help you with your nanoscale imaging problems, in addition we have considerable nanotechnology expertise and process engineering background